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-10% на все услуги клиники

Клиника СитиМед дарит скидку 10% на все услуги. Только 2 и 3 января 2019 года!!!

18.12.2018  Гинекологический комплекс по праздничной цене!

Появилась уникальная возможность пройти целый комплекс гинекологических обследований по праздничной цене. Дейстиве акции ограничено

01.09.2018 УЗИ Экспертного класса


С сентября начинает вести прием врач ультразвуковой диагностики высшей квалификационной категории Кабаненко Татьяна Петровна

Запись по тел.+7 (3812) 48-38-38

01.08.2018 УЗИ скрининговое экспертного класса


С августа начинает вести прием врач ультразвуковой диагностики высшей квалификационной категории Енгуразова  (Лаврищева)  Эльмира Наильевна

Запись по тел.+7 (3812) 48-38-38

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About the Medical Center

With all the variety of modern medical services at hand, it is not easy to find a clinic, where a patient would be satisfied with everything - starting from the quality of medical care and the prices for services and ending with transport access. The new medical diagnostic and treatment center "Doveriye" ("Trust") under the brand "SitiMed" meets the most demanding requirements: highly qualified specialists accpet appointmnets for examonations, the clinic is located in the central city (one bus stop from the railway station), provides a wide range of care at affordable prices, and that it is important to, equipped with the latest equipment. An important feature of the clinic is dental care.Here, the patient will be offered all kinds of dental care services: therapeutic, orthodontic (prosthesis) including aesthetic treatment such as whitening. During treatment, the patient can listen to music, watch a movie or watch the work of a doctor on the monitor.

The newest equipment


The clinic is especially proud to have the latest expert class 2012 model of magnetic resonance imaging.It permits the diagnosis of the problems of the nervous system, brain and spinal cord, the muscular-skeletol system, and the abdominal and pelvic organs. For examination in which it is necessary to administer high-contrast dye, the MRI is performed with a special automatic syringe that is an integral part of the system of MRT.It allows to simultaneously inject the dye and conduct scanning.

MSCT Multispectral computerized tomography (MSCT) is the fastest of all existing methods of radiological diagnosis. It permits a high level of information in the research of all of the parts of a person's organism, including the brain, the heart, arteries and blood vessels. MSCT will effectively disclose concealed pathology in the organism. An additional advantage of the method is a comparatively low dose of radiation received by the patient. Currently, SitiMed there are more than 45 types of MSCT for which which the camera BRIGHTSPEED by General Electric is used. Computerized tomography permits imaging of 16 slices per rotation and provides high speed scanning. The system BrightSpeed supports the technology Xtream and is the next step on the way to development of CT scanners with the ability to scan multiple layers. MSCT provides highly informative results, since the camera has a high resolution and produces images of excellent quality.

Consultation by medical specialists

SitiMed offers consultations by medical specialists in many medical fields, and diagnostic, laboratory and medical assistance on the spot.To this end, the medical center has everything you need: experienced specialists a number of which have an advanced degree of candidates and doctors of medical sciences, developed diagnostics and even its own day care centre. At the clinic "SitiMed" you can get almost all kinds of therapeutic, gynecological, urological, dental and counseling assistance in other specialties. The clinic is organized to assist adult patients, but the whole range of examinations is also available for children. "SitiMed" also has its own clinical laboratory where a patient can receive results of testing within a day.In addition to high-quality services, the patient is happy with our fees. The cost of our services is less than the average for the city. Also, we offer a system of discounts for students, retirees and public sector employees.


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